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Once upon a time, marketers advertised on daytime TV and soap operas to reach mothers. Today, more than 40% of all women who go online in the US—approximately 35 million of them—are mothers who have children under 18 at home. 
Source: E-Marketer.com


Web Marketing  

87% of Internet users have access at home and 48% have access at work.

The Internet has been irrevocably woven into everyday life of most Americans. For some, it has become an integral and required part of work or school and a primary source of breaking news. For others, it is a primary means to stay in touch with family and friends, to pay bills, or to do their banking. However when it comes to purchases, today' savvy consumers research product information, price points, competitive comparisons, inventory and product availability online long before they ever leave their homes to buy. To be a viable player in our local marketplace, your business needs an online presence.

As Wilmington continues to grow and new business and shopping alternatives become more available, what makes your business distinctive? What makes your products and services better than the readily available options? Why is your store a better choice? These are the questions your potential customers need answered, especially in this economic environment.   A strong online presence gives you the opportunity to answer those questions, communicating one on one with potential customers in your own words. 

With over 18 years advertising experience in the Wilmington market, Wilmington Web Marketing can guide you in creating a website that delivers. Focusing on a comprehensive marketing plan your website will complement your advertising and marketing campaigns with the continuity and optimum efficiency that an online presence can provide.  Let us help your business achieve an affordable, attractive and effective web site design that gives you the competitive edge.



The Internet Gains in Politics

1/11/2008 | MemoReport  | Andrew Kohut

The internet is living up to its potential as a major source for news about the presidential campaign. Nearly a quarter of Americans (24%) say they regularly learn something about the campaign from the internet, almost the double the percentage from a comparable point in the 2004 campaign (13%). 

Moreover, the internet has now become a leading source of campaign news for young people and the role of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook is a notable part of the story. Fully 42% of those ages 18 to 29 say they regularly learn about the campaign from the internet, the highest percentage for any news source. In January 2004, just 20% of young people said they routinely got campaign news from the internet. 

The quadrennial survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Internet & American Life Project on campaign news and political communication, conducted Dec. 19-30 among 1,430 adults, shows that the proportion of Americans who rely on traditional news sources for information about the campaign has remained static or declined slightly since the last presidential campaign. Compared with the 2000 campaign, far fewer Americans now say they regularly learn about the campaign from local TV news (down eight points), nightly network news (down 13 points) and daily newspapers (down nine points). Cable news networks are up modestly since 2000, but have shown no growth since the 2004 campaign.


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